Ms Ana Ursachi is a prominent criminal defence lawyer and human rights activist from the Republic of Moldova. She made her name acting in a number of high profile cases for perceived opponents of the current political elite in Moldova. She has found herself the target of criminal proceedings in Moldova which she asserts are being brought as punishment for her having acted in these cases and in March 2018 a domestic warrant was issued for her arrest. She fears that the Moldovan authorities might now seek her extradition on what she asserts are politically motivated and abusive charges.

Whilst it would be inappropriate for the the Committee to comment on the substance of any allegations against Ms Ursachi the manner in which the authorities in Moldova have pursued the criminal proceedings against her to date raises several grave concerns. A judge who refused to issue a warrant against her in 2016 was summarily dismissed and made the subject of criminal proceedings and indeed her own defence lawyer has been made subject to threats and coercion culminating in criminal allegations being made against himself.

The ECBA Human Rights Committee has written to INTERPOL on 18 May 2018 in order to express its concern regarding the case, and urging them not to cooperate with the Moldovan authorities in respect of any request for a Red Notice or Diffusion in her case.