What is an ECBA Working Group ?

ECBA WGs are informal groups set up in order to capitalise on the shared knowledge and experience of the members of the ECBA. The purpose of each particular WG is defined by the WG itself, and whilst its function must be consistent with the aims and objectives of the ECBA, there is broad scope beyond that for the WG to set its own purpose. Ultimately the WGs’ work will be shaped by interest of their members, their proactivity and the work they decide to develop.

The purpose of a WG may be, for example, any or all of the following: 

  • Discussion of matters of interest to practitioners and organisation of knowledge sharing exchanges (nowadays by videoconferencing, but also at conferences, in a panel or workshop) 
  • Production of useful tools (handbooks, information for the ECBA website, platforms to exchange information on certain types of cases, etc.) 
  • Inform the ECBA's policy in certain fields, by actively collecting members' views and if appropriate producing "statements", etc. 

At ECBA conferences there are regular updates about the work of WGs.  In order to ensure coherence with the ECBA's policy and work, a member of the Board will usually chair (or co-chair) a WG, depending on the topics. 

How is an ECBA Working Group created?
WGs are created by the Board. They may arise from the spontaneous initiative of a member or members approaching the Board and showing interest in specific fields. 


How can I become a member of an ECBA Working Group?

ECBA's WGs are open to any members who wish to engage actively in the WG field of work, by exchanging information, producing tools or statements, and developing the activities for ECBA Members in the respective field.

ECBA members may apply to join a WG, by sending a brief e-mail setting out their motivation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or be co-opted by current members of the WG, based on their fields of expertise. 


Are you interested in joining one of our Working Groups? Please do not hesitate to reach out to the ECBA or any of the members involved expressing your interest. We look forward to welcoming any active members!