Procedural Safeguards - Measure F

Measure F: A Green Paper on the Right to Review of the Grounds for Pre-Trial Detention

There is no directive yet on measure F.

As the European Commission, Council and Parliament have recognised, ‘excessively long periods of pre-trial detention are detrimental to the individual, can prejudice cooperation between the Member States, and do not represent the values for which the European Union stands’. This letter is to follow-up on the European Union’s work to tackle this problem and to urge the Commission to continue its work in this area beyond the current legislative programme, including developing a timeframe for tabling a legislative proposal setting common minimum standards for the use of pre-trial detention in the EU.

Please click here for the letter.

Please click here for the first report on the implementation by the Member States of the Framework Decisions 2008/909/JHA, 2008/947/JHA and 2009/829/JHA on Transfer of Prisoners, on Probation and Alternative Sanctions and on the European Supervision Order, together with the accompanying staff working document (click here for the document).