The ECBA Human Rights Committee co-signs a Statement regarding the Day of the Endangered Lawyer, which is commemorated every year on 24 January.

This year, for the second time, the Day of the Lawyer in Danger is dedicated to Colombia, where the persecution of lawyers continues, preventing them from exercising their profession.

According to  reports,  more than 700 lawyers have been killed in the previous ten years and more than 4,400 have suffered different types of aggression. Between January 2019 and April 2021, 6 homicides, 26 threats, 12 attacks, 3 victims of legal proceedings and one exile among judicial professionals have been recorded.   

Lawyers and human rights defenders are particularly at risk when representing clients in cases related to environmental law, land restitution and the Special Court for Peace.

We urge the international community to strengthen the protection of lawyers and human rights defenders in accordance with the international law and values.