The European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) is a leading group of independent criminal defence lawyers in the Council of Europe

This project aims at enhancing the rights of children in criminal proceedings in the EU, by supporting Member States and advocating for the proper application of the EU Directive 2013/48 which guarantees free access to a specialised (youth) lawyer at all stages (EU directive 2016/800 art.4/1v,v and art.23-nr.63 Memorandum and EU Directive 2012/29, child victims, art.25 on procedural safeguards) for children who are suspects or accused persons in criminal proceedings and other related standards in the specific field of juvenile justice; by defining the role, the mission, the basic training and all the specifics of the function of a youth lawyer and by empowering youth lawyers to become “agents of change” in the better implementation of the right of access to a lawyer for children suspected or accused in criminal proceedings.

The ECBA is an associate partner in this project.

Click here for the report of the 'kick-off' meeting,  which took place on 19 and 20 October 2016 in Brussels.

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