The European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) is a leading group of independent criminal defence lawyers in the Council of Europe

The ECBA has written to Alberto Costa, the Justice Minister of Portugal (which currently holds the Presidency of the EU) urging that progress should be made on the adoption of the Framework Decision on the European Supervision Order in Pre-Trail Procedures between Member States.

The proposed Framework Decision would enable a person charged with an offence in one Member State to be returned to their home Member State, subject to appropriate supervision measures, pending trial.

This important measure would help to put an end to the current situation where non-nationals are often discriminated against by being held in custody pending trial where nationals charged with a similar offence would have been released.

The ECBA has cited a number of practical examples of cases involving its members in support of its arguments.
We will continue to put pressure on Member States to adopt this important measure and hope that our members will also raise the issue with their own bar associations and governments where possible.

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