To strengthen the defence of death penalty cases in the People's Republic of China

This was a project that started in 2003 and lasted for 30 months with the support of funding from the European Commission.

The project was run by the Great Britain China Centre with aims to strengthen the capacity of defence lawyers in promoting the legal rights of those accused of capital crimes.
The European Criminal Bar Association was one of the European partners in this project and was responsible for the development of the professional network between its members and members of the Beijing Bar Association.
The overall aim of this network is to raise professional standards and help defend the rights of criminal defence lawyers in China through the development of professional and individual relations with criminal defence lawyers across Europe.

A number of defence lawyers from China joined European lawyers, from the Netherlands, England and France for round table session of discussions and arguments on defence in capital crime cases. Discussion centred on a number of case studies provided by the Chinese lawyers, and allowed for the sharing of experience on legal arguments, advocacy techniques, expert evidence and human rights standards of fair trials.

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