Past conferences

Lisbon, Portugal 2016

Lisbon, Portugal

30 September and 1 October 2016

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Please click here to view some photos of the Ordem dos Advogados - Conselho Geral (who hosted the ECBA Board meeting), the reception, conference and dinner.


This year’s conference was dedicated to Future Challenges in the Field of Cross-Border Investigations, Prosecution and Defence, with a special focus on corruption investigations. It took place in Europe’s westernmost capital City Lisbon. Read more...


Dr. João Manuel da Silva Miguel, Director of CEJ

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) and Conflicts of Jurisdiction in the European Union
The European Public Prosecutor’s Office – The view of an academic
Charlotte Röber – University of Maastricht 

Prof. Katalin Ligeti – University of Luxembourg
Michèle Coninsx – President of EUROJUST

ECBA Projects

The Purging of the Judiciary in Turkey
Scott Crosby, ECBA Human Right Officer
Handouts from MEDEL (Magistrats européens pour la démocratie et les libertés)
EAW-Handbook - for all information go to
Jodie Blackstock (JUSTICE) and Vânia Costa Ramos (ECBA)
EFCL - A sub-association of the ECBA
Dominika Stępińska-Duch
CCBE – Presentation
Peter McNamee, Senior Legal Advisor, Brussels

Corruption in the International Context – Substantial and Procedural Issues
Benoît Keane, United Kingdom
Carla Gabriela Reyes, Switzerland

Brazil, Petrobras and the international implications of corruption investigations 
Peter Iokoi, Brazil
Recent developments in National Jurisdictions
Navigating the pitfalls of a cross-border internal investigation
Case scenario