ECBA Projects

ECBA members have the opportunity to become involved in ECBA working groups on topical EU initiatives and to meet and discuss these issues with practitioners throughout Europe.
The working groups are an ideal platform to debate and highlight short-comings in either European or domestic legislation, compared to best practice and universal fundamental rights standards. The results of the working group initiatives are reported in the newsletter and at conferences or can be used as submissions that are sent to the European Commission, Council or Parliament.

Current projects include;

• Money laundering and the role of the legal profession in Europe;
• Procedural safeguards – including responses from the initial proposal in 2004 to the Stockholm
  Programme – Roadmap of Procedural Safeguards;
• Evidence – including the European Evidence Warrant and the Commission proposal on evidence
  gathering and admissibility;
• European Arrest Warrant – as the the first concrete measure in the field of criminal law implementing
  the principle of mutual recognition, the ECBA has charted the development of this measure and
  related case law;
• Antitrust  – part of the work conducted by the Cross-border Financial Crime working group;
• Legal aid – including the joint ECBA and CCBE project on legal aid in Europe, the ECBA evidence
  gathering project on legal aid and European Evidence Warrant;
• The ECBA are a partner in the research project "Defence rights during the pre-trial criminal
  proceedings – best practice and effective lawyer emergency services", which will be presented at the
  Autumn 2010 conference Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Justice Forum

The Commission established a Justice Forum in order to provide a a platform for dialogue with stakeholders on EU Justice policy.  The ECBA are invited as a specialist organisation representing defence lawyers in all Council of Europe countries. The Justice Forum was established on 30 May 2008 and has followed a programme of expert meetings dealing with topics including procedural rights; minimum standards in pre-trial detention, mutual recognition in criminal matters; and European e-Justice.

For details of the activities of a working group or the Justice Forum please click on the right hand headings.

Also see ECBA responses to proposals and other information under Publications and speeches under past conferences.

Dr Holger Matt - ECBA Chair
Louise Hodges - ECBA Vice Chair