ECBA Spring conference 2015

Bucharest, Romania, 24 and 25 April 2015
EU Legislation and Implementation: New Romanian Law – Theory and Practise in Criminal Proceedings
Corporate Liability in Criminal Law – Panel

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ECBA Autumn conference 2015

Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2 and 3 October 2015
Criminal Justice: Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice 
- Today and Future 
Criminal Justice: EU Legislation and Implementation:
The Presidency of Luxembourg
Mutual Legal Assistance – Panel
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EU Criminal Law For Defence Counsel
Focus on the European Arrest Warrant
The project
This EU-wide project will train defence lawyers on European criminal justice instruments and cooperation. Special focus will be given to the practical defence in cases of European Arrest Warrants as well as the new measures taken under the EU roadmap for procedural rights   
The concept
The project will consist of four seminars conducted throughout the EU in the year 2015. Each seminar will be targeted at different groups of selected Member States (approx. 40 participants from 4-5 Member States per seminar). The training will last 1 ½ days from midday on Friday to late afternoon on Saturday. 
Each seminar will consist of an introduction to the role of the defence counsel in judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the EU, lectures on the measures taken under the EU roadmap for procedural rights as well as relevant case-law of the CJEU and ECHR. At the heart of the training will be questions arising from the perspective of the defence with regard to cross-border cases involving investigative measures where EU instruments are already in force, especially the European Arrest Warrant. In order to guarantee valuable practical training on these issues, the topics will be dealt with in 'national' workshops. In the 'national' workshops, a national expert will conduct cross-border case studies based on the individual national systems. In this way, participants will benefit from training that is tailor-made for the questions and problems arising in their daily practice when dealing with cross-border cases. 
Networking opportunities
This project will support such networking in two ways: first, defence lawyers from different EU Member States will be given the opportunity to make personal contacts and to exchange best practice and experience in the course of the training; second, part of the training will be dedicated to informing participants about the most effective ways to get in contact with their colleagues from other EU Member States. 

This project is supported by the ECBA, the Athens Bar Association, the Latvian Bar Association, the Illustre Collegi d'Advocats de Barcelona (ICAB), and the Budapest Bar Association.


Cornelia Riehle
Deputy Head of Section - Criminal Law
phone: +49 (0)651 937 37 37


Riga, Latvia, 29 and 30 May 2015, Event number 315DT23
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Defence lawyers from:
o Latvia
o Poland
o Portugal
o Sweden
o The Netherlands  
Open to defence lawyers from Malta.

Barcelona, Spain, 25 and 26 September 2015, Event number 315DT24
Defence lawyers from:
o Belgium 
o France
o Italy  
o Spain  
Open to defence lawyers from Luxembourg.
French and Spanish

Budapest, Hungary, 9 and 10 October 2015, Event number 315DT25
Defence lawyers from:
o Austria 
o Czech Republic 
o Germany  
o Hungary
Open to defence lawyers from Slovakia and Slovenia. 
English and German

The project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Criminal Justice Programme. 
Seminar fee including documentation
€50 for participants that do not seek reimbursement of their travel and accommodation (see below).
Travel Travel costs are reimbursed by ERA up to €300 for participants from abroad and up to €150 for those from the Member States where the seminar stakes place.
Accommodation Accommodation for 2 nights will be booked and covered by ERA.
Catering Coffee breaks are included. ERA will invite all participants for a joint dinner.
*Without prejudice to special arrangements made with the partners.
Travel and accommodation* 
Accommodation for 2 nights will be booked and covered by ERA. 
Travel costs will be reimbursed by ERA upon receipt of the original invoices up to €300 for participants from abroad and up to €150 for those from the Member State where the seminar takes place. Participants are asked to book their own travel. 
The number of places for the seminars is limited (10 places/national group/seminar). Places will be allocated among the eligible applicants on a first- come, first served basis. 
Past Events
Athens, Greece, 27 and 28 March, Event number 315DT22
Please click here for the programme 
Defence lawyers from:
o Greece
o Ireland
o Romania
o UK
Open to defence lawyers from Malta.