Association luxembourgeoise des avocats pénalistes (ALAP)  

Created in 2007, with today over 50 members, we are the only association to represent the

interests of criminal lawyers in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. 


 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht des Deutschen Anwaltvereins (DAV) 

Criminal Law Section of the German Bar Association

The Criminal Law Section ("AG Strafrecht") of the German Bar Association (DAV) has more than 3,200 defense lawyers as members. Therefore, it is Europe's largest defense lawyers association. Promoting and securing an independent, full and effective criminal defense is our common goal since its founding in 1984. Furthermore, the Criminal Law Section of the German Bar Association

  • supports and promotes exchange of information and experience as well as networking between defense lawyers,
  • provides a directory of its members, which is updated every month and allows to find an experienced lawyer in criminal law at the desired location, who will also be ready to provide information about the characteristics of the local criminal courts,
  • since May 1995 publishes the monthly magazine "Strafverteidiger-Forum" ("defense lawyers-forum"). This journal is aimed primarily at the defense lawyers; it contains papers for practical activity and informs about decisions of courts, fees, legislative projects and new publications. Beside this the journal is aiming to be a "forum" for all lawyers interested in criminal law. The journal has its own homepage ( where the current issue and also archives can be viewed;
  • regularly performs both regional and nationwide training events; 
  • annually hosts the "Autumn Colloquium" in November on which the prize "pro reo" is awarded also;
  • in a two-year cycle organizes the "Defense lawyers Spring Symposium" in Karlsruhe and the "Petersberg days" in Koenigswinter near Bonn and
  • in collaboration with the German Law Academy performs the special course for defense lawyer to provides the theoretical knowledge to acquire the label "special counsel for criminal law".

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Austrian Criminal Bar Association

The Austrian Criminal Bar Association consists of defence lawyers, whether practicing or in academic life, from whole Austria (188 members [21.02.2011]).

The aims are in particular:

  • to carry the fundamental rights of persons under investigation, suspects, accused and convicted persons and
  • to promote and ensure a responsible and independent defence, because such an effective defence is a characteristic trait of a constitutional state.

The activities are:

  • The association holds conferences twice a year, in spring and autumn, during which members and non-members meet to exchange information, knowledge and to discuss the latest developments of national and European Criminal Law.
  • Through its website and newsletter relevant information, laws and jurisprudence is be given to the members.
  • Comments are made on draft-legislation and legal policy discussions.
  • The association is editor of a scientific series.


  • Österreichischer StrafverteidigerInnentag
  • Dreiländerforum Strafverteidigung

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Forum Penal

Forum Penal was created in 2012 and represented a milestone in the landscape of Portuguese criminal law.
The Plan of Activities that Forum Penal is setting out to implement presupposes simultaneously as a basic premise and final goal the active involvement of all its members. In fact, the participation of all associates in the fulfillment of this common project is an essential component for the Forum to achieve its mission.

Our Programme is based upon the following pillars and objectives:

  1. Consolidate the participation of Forum Penal in the community and its recognition as a relevant stakeholder in matters related to criminal practice, criminal procedure, penitentiary law and administrative offences.
  2. Foster an extensive discussion on criminal law, criminal procedure, penitentiary law and administrative offences among legal professionals.
  3. Contribute to the training of professionals in the areas of criminal practice, criminal procedural law and administrative offences.
  4. Increase the number of associates and establish a Forum to exchange experiences between members concerning criminal advocacy.

Among others Forum Penal is currently developing projects in the areas of legal assistance to prisoners and of regulatory offenses.
Forum Penal is open to cooperation with like-minded associations.

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Latvian Criminal Bar Association

The primary target of the Association is to unite sworn criminal defence advocates, who are interested constantly to develop themselves, improve quality of defence and promote effective defence in a criminal proceedings.

The main goals of the association are:

  • promotion of common knowledge about issues of criminal law, criminal process;
  • promotion of unity of Latvian sworn defence advocates practicing criminal law;
  • promotion and strengthening of good reputation and prestige of Latvian sworn defence advocates practicing criminal law;
  • ensuring of a high level of  professionalism of Latvian sworn advocates practicing criminal law by continuing legal education and improvement of their qualification;
  • participation at the task forces and working groups at the Ministry of Justice and Parliament for development of criminal legislation;
  • facilitation of exchange of experience between Latvian sworn defence advocates practicing criminal law and process;
  • cooperation with other associations with similar goals.

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The Bar of Northern Ireland - Criminal Bar Association 

Representing the views of prosecuting and defence counsel, the Criminal Bar Association serves to ensure an independent and quality source of specialist criminal law advocacy in Northern Ireland. Over 200 barristers are members of the Criminal Bar Association which regularly hosts a range of events, including continuing professional development seminars on new and emerging aspects of criminal practice and an annual conference. Association members also benefit from weekly email bulletins on practice area specific case law and legislation alerts, journal abstracts and citations, online news and other relevant information. In addition, the CBA contributes to the development of justice policy in Northern Ireland, frequently submitting views to Government consultation exercises and engaging with relevant partner organisations.
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The Norwegian Bar Association Criminal Bar Committee

Kristian Augustsgt. 9, 0164 Oslo

The Criminal Bar Committee is actively working to:

  • strengthen the rights of a person charged with an offense
  • strengthen the defence attorney’s role
  • strengthen the defence attorney’s interests

Events: yearly weekend seminar for practicing defence attorneys.

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